The National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers is the sponsoring organization of the Tribal Museums and Cultural Centers website.  For the past 10 years, NATHPO has served Indian country as the only national organization dedicated to providing support and training for Tribal government officials in the museum field, as well as cultural preservation.  We have a proven track record of conducting regional and national meetings and specialized training.  Our primary constituency is the over 560 American Indian and Alaska Native tribal governments located throughout the nation, specifically, the Tribal Historic Preservation Officers and individual tribal museums, libraries and archives.

Tribally-operated museums have the mission of preserving, perpetuating, and revitalizing the cultural and historic heritage of native peoples.  Museum professionals must have substantial knowledge and high levels of expertise to enable tribal museums to play their essential role in the transmitting of native culture from one generation to the next and in the education of the American public.  NATHPO created the National Native Museum Training Program to benefit tribal museums and the people they serve based on a demonstrated need.  
NATHPO’s National Native Museum Training Program three-year project has three (3) main components:

  1. Expand  the knowledge and skills of tribal museum leaders by convening two (2)  seminars for museum directors who can address poignant issues and  solutions on the topics of:   “Development & Cultivation of Community Support for Tribal  Museums,” and “Funding Strategies and Stabilization for Tribal  Museums.”
  2. Help  to increase the capacity of tribal museums to serve their communities by  administering four technical training workshops in the four (4) areas  of: “Caring for Our History I:   Museum Conservation Basics,” “Caring for Our History II:  Managing Museum Collections,” “Telling  Our History I:  Exhibition  Development,” and “Telling Our History II:  Museum Education and Public  Programs.”
  3. Increase  the number of trained Native museum professionals in the field by  administering up to twenty (20) fellowships for existing and future  tribal museum personnel at established Native and non-Native museums and  cultural centers throughout the country.

Information on the workshops seminars may be found in the Calendar section of this website or you may use the search function of this website.  Recruitment for the fellowships continues throughout the year and more information may be found in the Employment section of this website.